Dialysis / Renal Unit

Trunk line: 238-0000 local 130

Clinic Hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm (Monday - Saturday, & Holidays)

The Renal Unit provides comprehensive renal services to patients with either Chronic or Acute Renal Failure on an in-patient and an out-patient basis. It can provide comprehensive hemodialysis treatment to 20 patients at one time with one room intended for a case necessitating isolation, one Covid-19 room and 17 regular rooms. The unit offers patients the latest technology in a spacious, modern environment and is provided with emergency equipment such as cardiac monitors, E-Carts for the needs of seriously ill-patients. It also facilitates continued education of dialysis patients regarding their disease, dietary advice with the help of licensed nutritionist, and facilitates laboratory workshop of their disease.